Cloud back

I have a friend who named herself – “tech woman” and that is because the things inside her huge bag are cellular phones, camera, 10” laptop, e-reader, and reading pads with accessories like SD cards and mini SD cards. Since she’s a tech woman, I asked her if she’s bringing a portable storage and she answered to me that there’s no need for her to bring one as she had an online backup similar to this IDrive Backup in which she’s comfortable and confident that all her files and photos are well protected. For her, having the cloud online backup is safe and is always giving her peace of mind. She can access her files anywhere she will go in any time she wants to. The online backup that she choose is so affordable with TB capacity.

Are you a tech person also? What are you means in order for you to keep your files and photos safe? Can you access your files anytime you want to? If you do, how much are you paying every month?

On the other hand, when you are looking for some free cloud online backup, do check since it has an offer of free basic 5GB + 5GB sync space. You don’t need to worry as there’s no credit required. The great thing is that offers it not just for free but with no expiry. How would you like that? Do check it right now and see if is the one that you need. Enjoy the freebie and make all your files/photos safe in one backup.