I love tracfone

I do love Tracfone these days. And I am so happy that I have learned how to use a 3G phone this year. If I only knew that the only compatible phones with Tracfone is the Verizon locked Phones, I’d probably have the most beautiful phone since last year. But it doesn’t matter, I have my iPhone 4s this year. It maybe obsolete for others but for me, this is heaven sent as I can save a lot. I don’t want to pay high monthly fee so that’s why I prefer to have Tracfone. I can surf on FB, call, play games, have internet and anything, just like the things that I always do before when I had my regular line. I am just freakin’ in love Tracfone. And I am thankful to God for this company.

Now, meet my new load of until 2018. Whoahaaaaa!