Readying herself in becoming a tax preparer

I had a friend who studied accountancy at the city of where she’s living with her husband. She graduated with good grades but she didn’t want to have an 8 hour job in an office. So what she did, she take a CPA exam and it was good that she passed the exam with flying colors.

As of the present, she is preparing herself with another challenge. And that is to become a tax preparer. Hopefully, she can pass the test that she’s going to have within this year. She shared with me that she’s so engrossed with preparing herself about the tax preparer certification as this will be one of her great thing for her home base business.

Well, I know my friend will have whatever she wants/needs because she is intelligent and diligent. Also, with the online school that she is with right now, I know it will make her ready with the tax preparer certification and she will also pass it with high score.