Top ten app that don’t need Wi-Fi

In these high tech days, people are app craze and I know you are like that too.  Aren’t you? I am sure you will see to it that you will have the latest app installed in your gadgets so that you are in with the fad of today’s society. If you are late in knowing and downloading the latest apps, that will be a different story. But do you know the best top ten app that don’t need Wi-Fi? Okay, here are the lists: Sketch Book, IMDb Movies and TV, Piano Perfect, Camera+, Kaleidoscope Drawing Pad, Doodle Jump, Fruit Ninja (oh I love this one), Angry Birds (I love this one too), Temple Run 1 and 2, and Paper Toss. This I know upon reading And I am thankful that Fruit Ninja and Angry Birds are on the lists. Woo-hoo! What are the things that you want to know the “best top ten”?